We refer you to Small Is Beautiful (1973. Harper & Row, Publishers, Inc.) by E.F. Schumacher for detailed treatment of the meaning and origin of the concept of "appropriate technology". The goal of appropriate technology is to blend the best of science with the best of local traditional knowledge to develop means of production that are environmentally-sound, simple, effective, efficient, and sustainable, and that are owned, managed, maintained and operated by individuals who are part of the local community. Such technology satisfies the following requirements: (1) The actual workplace, including all means of production, exists within the local community. (2) The workplace is cheap enough, on average, that it can be developed using capital investments accumulated within the local community. (3) The details of raw material supply, production, marketing, and financing are relatively simple so that complex organizations and high levels of training are not required. (4) Production should be based primarily on locally-obtained raw materials and should be designed mainly to produce locally-consumed commodities.